Taking Your Lettering Digital

Taking Your Lettering Digital

I ventured into a craft store one day and decided I really wanted to see if I could letter with some watercolors and a brush. I kept it real simple with my initial investment. I purchased a brush, some colors and some paper. Pretty simple. I did a little research before I waltzed into the craft store so I wouldn't spend time just browsing. That's a real fault of mine. The other day I was told I needed to just stay in the car while picking something up at Target. I can sometimes get sidetracked in stores. Whoops! Anyhow, here's what I purchased.

Brush - Master's Touch 1000 Flat Shader (2)

Paper - Strathmore Watercolor Paper 9x12 (30 count)

Watercolors -I'll be honest, I bought whatever was a step up from the kid craft section. Nothing fancy. I wish I would've just gotten a tube of black watercolor paint though.

I am no expert but I sure love playing around with different sayings and things. It's even become a regular part of my Instagram feed

So here's a beginners tutorial on how to take your lettering from paper to computer from a beginner herself. Enjoy!

Step .01

Start lettering. You'll play around a lot. The good news is once you get it digital you can play around with the spacing of you words and stuff if you need to.

Step .02

Start scanning. I have a good ol' Espon printer from Target that I scan with. On my iMac I go to Settings on my computer, open up Printers + Scanners and there is a scan button. Depending on your printer and computer this might look a little different for you.

A few important things here.

  1. I scan in Black & White.
  2. I scan in at 600 dpi to maximize the quality.
  3. I scan to my Desktop. You can scan to the location of your choice. This just happen to work best for me.

Step .03

Now that the file is on my Desktop, I'll drag and drop that into Photoshop. I'll use the magic wand tool to outline my lettering. Check your the tolerance of your wand tool. I usually have mine set between 20-30. Then, go up to the drop down menu and click on Select > Inverse. Create a new layer and make sure the new layer is selected. Take your paint bucket tool and fill the lettering with black or whatever color you would like your lettering to be.

Step .04

Place the lettering where ever you'd like. Create square images or place it over another image. It's totally up to you! Below are a few of my little lettering sayings you might have seen on Instagram.