In Pursuit of

In Pursuit of

I pinned this image back on Pinterest not too long ago. I love the message here. To say I've made some insane life changes lately would be an understatement. I picked up my life and moved to another country where I know no one. However, I have to admit, this big life change has done me good. I have been forced to START all of these things on this list. I live alone and know about a handful of people. To say I spend a lot of time with just me and my thoughts is spot on. Before I left the States I was running here and there and meeting the next person and trying to squeeze so much into so little time. The only time I was truly alone was when I was asleep. Learning to enjoy alone time as an extrovert is hard.

The first week I was here I didn't have WIFI and don't get me started on how AT&T has royally screwed me over while I've been down here. No data on my phone. No cable. No internet and a barely working AC unit. Once again, I was forced to learn to turn it off. Every morning I workout and enjoy the views. I love being outside here and I can't get enough of the beach.

Need to work on this one is so many ways. Positive body image thinking especially. The good part about this is, I've probably lost 5lbs since I've been here. All the food is fresh. No preservatives in anything. I'm a social eater and since I have like 3 friends down here I don't really socially eat. This cuts WAY back on all the bad stuff I usually eat. My mouth has become less of a garbage disposal.

Who knew I was a strong enough person to move to another country and survive, meet new people, take on a new job and explore new places. I prove myself wrong more often than not which helps me start believing in myself a little bit more each day.

I'm grateful I have this blog to express my creativity and everything about this trip has helped me to start acknowledging my own hopes and dreams and making my own happiness.

Sometimes you just have to start.