Behr Paint in the new AED Studio

Behr Paint in the new AED Studio

behr-paintIf you follow along with my crazy life on Instagram (or Snapchat // ashleyelladesign), you might have seen a few of the photos above. I recently acquired this little space that will serve as my design studio.  You're probably thinking... "Wait, didn't I just read you're going to Jamaica?". And, yes I am! But, that's just a little 90 day gig (with potential to be more). I'm still going to need a nice little inspiring space to do my thing here in Kansas City!

Picking Out Behr Paint Colors It started with a little plotting and planning. Thinking I really wanted to do something awesome but something that could be used if the space was no longer my studio. I stood in front of the Behr Paint section in Home Depot for a long time. Holding up 34,853,045 different swatches and contemplating what this would look like on the walls. Raise your hand if you've ever got a swatch that you think will look awesome and then coat an entire room in the color and it's just didn't turn out the way you imagined? ME! Been there. Done that!

Picking Out Behr Paint Colors First of all, anything was going to be an upgrade from the barf-ish green that were on the walls previously. I knew I wanted something light and bright. I like the look of bright photos and clean spaces. I mean, let's be honest, a lot of Instagram photos are of my desk or my creative working space. I took multiple swatches home and with much deliberation I chose Dutch White from the Behr Marquee Interior Collection.


Behr Paint - Dutch White // New AED Office Studio Behr Paint - Dutch White // New AED Studiobehr-paint-9Picking Out Behr Paint ColorsBehr Paint - the perfect white! I knew I wanted an accent wall in this space. There are only so many walls that can be painted but my original idea was to paint the biggest wall (no windows or doors) as the accent wall. Thinking this would really make the wall look amazing. The more I loved the Limousine Leather color I kept coming back to, the more I was nervous to put this color on that large blank canvas wall. A last minute decision led me to painting the wall with all the windows surrounded by a lot of crisp white trim. Best. Decision. Ever.

This make the accent wall really work. The color was awesome but not overbearing and really made the windows and trim come to life. Which before were lost with the previous wall color.


Behr Marquee Paint // Color: Limousine Leather Behr Marquee Paint // Color: Limousine LeatherThe space isn't completely furnished yet. It still has a long way to go but has so much more potential now because the wall colors have changed!

Lastly, the best decision I made with these walls was not the color - it was the type of paint. I had never really heard of the Marquee Interior collection before by Behr, but I cannot tell you how much time this saved me. No priming. No second coats. It was worth the extra money that was saved in time I didn't have to prime seaweed green walls.

Thank you to Behr Paint for making this project possible. I can't wait to continue to share with you how this space is going to evolve.