Trend Talk: The Cream Blazer

Today is my last day in Germany. It's cold and drizzling rain so I thought it was the prefect morning to find coffee and free Wifi and start chipping away at my email, catch up on my Bloglovin' daily reads, and create a new post. And man, oh man, did I need that!
I'm sure someone out there is thinking... you're in Munich, go see something! But, really, it's been a prefect morning. I made a big list of everything I wanted to see and do in Munich and I've accomplished everything on the list. I love sitting in a coffee shop with my computer and ear phones in and working. Not to mention the people watching is fantastic. 
On to the purpose of this post...
I'm always so intrigued with the fashion when I come to Europe. I try to soak in every bit of what people are wearing and what's in the stores and how it's different from the my little bubble where I live in Kansas City. I've seen so many blazers but in particular I've seen them in cream. Oh how I love this look. I love it so much I bought my own cream blazer in one of the hundreds of H&M's over here. Then I got on Pinterest and saw this, this and this
I love that the cream blazer is so versatile. It can be dressy, classy, casual, simple, elegant, oh the list could go on and on. I see this becoming a staple in my wardrobe!