Creative Blogging Resources

Creative Blogging Resources
As a blog designer, I work with A LOT of new bloggers. Many bloggers are just starting out and some have been at it for a little while. I have a few clients every now and then that have been at it for a couple years and really have an established following. Working with new bloggers means I get a crazy amount of questions on how to do this or how to do that. What platform should I start on? How do you make those fancy collages? How do I size my images? What software do I need? Where did my signature go? The questions are endless.
If you are a new blogger, I strongly recommend that you educate yourself a bit before delving into the blog-eat-blog world out there.

There are a lot of bloggers that have put together fantastic posts about blogging. I thought I would create a post that links up all those amazing posts and resources in one great location. These resources are all posts or websites that I have read or visited and believe to have some really helpful information. Here goes.


  • If you are a new blogger, I recommend following PuglyPixel. She writes great tutorials for bloggers. One of my favorite posts of hers is called Blogging for Beginners. She talks about three points you should consider when choosing a blog platform.
  • If you are considering Wordpress as a new blogger, I wrote a post about the difference between vs. You should definitely know the difference before you get started.
  • I stumbled across this blog via Pinterest the other day. Anne wrote a great post called Amateur Tips for a More Professional Blog. I love how she talks about following the basic principals of good design.


  • I religiously follow the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess. If there are any two ladies that are considered pros at blogging, it would be them. They have a post called 10 Blog Layout Tips that is excellent.
  • Aubrey over at The Kinch Life dissected a blog design in this post. If you are interested in hiring a designer, she has great tips for you!
  • Are you wanting to create fun collages for your posts but not a graphic designer? Consider using
  • If you want to get a bit more advanced with your layout and posts and need some good free advice, check out Lisa's Blogkeeping series on her blog Elembee. I especially like her post on Creating a Graphics Style Guide.


  • Breanna Rose wrote this great post about how to make your Facebook page look absolutely fabulous.
  • My girl Lauren Conrad (like how I make it sound like we are besties?) wrote a post about Social Media Etiquette and the do's and don'ts of posting information. A good quick reminder!
  • Julie does a nice job of explain how to make social media work for you in this post. Another Pinterest find!

the ADS

  • There are a lot of different ways to get ads on to your blog. A few that I am aware of are:
    1. Passionfruit Ads - the great thing about Passionfruit is that have a great embed code that allows other bloggers to purchase your ads directly from your blog. They have recently added a marketplace feature that allows bloggers to shop for ad space on other blogs.
    2. Google Adsense - integrated directly into the Blogger platform this is an easy way to get noticeable ads on to your blog.
    3. BlogHer - I've never used this platform but run into many bloggers that do!
    4. RewardStyle - by invitation you can become a part of this program that has ads for high end designers you can embed into you site.
  • As your blog grows and your ad spots become more demanding, you might want to create a Media Kit. The Busy Budgeting Mama posted about making her media kit. Holy moly what a great resource! She tells you everything you need to include in your kit.


  • The B Bar - probably the most clever idea I've seen online for bloggers. You can purchase a cocktail for anything from Blogging 101 to Creating a Media Kit. So creative!
  • Alt Summit - if you can't jump on a plane and head to an Alt conference that's fine, you can purchase a class through the Alt Summit Channel.
  • Blogshop - these classes happen all over the world and help bloggers become Photoshop ninjas, as I like to call it. Check out if they are coming to a city near you!
  • Red Velvet Shop, E-Courses - again the ladies from A Beautiful Mess pull through with a real winner. They have these great E-Courses you can take that are loaded with information.
  • Camp - happening this June, I discovered CAMP through PuglyPixel. Looks like an amazing opportunity if you are a creative entrepreneur.
So now, I ask you. Do you have some go-to posts or resources you've collected that belong on this list? I would love to see what resources you use! I collect a lot of resources on a Pinterest board that you can find here. I will continue to add to the board and this page as we find more resources together!